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Maybe you know exactly what you want in a new home, but you might not know how to adequately explain it. Maybe you aren’t entirely sure what area of Houston you want to live in, but simply have values and ideals you want to pay mind to. This sort of uncertainty is normal! It’s not an easy undertaking to purchase a property, but that’s where a partnership with CB Realty comes into play.

We’ve developed a process that streamlines the buying experience and clarifies the litany of confusing aspects to purchasing a home.

Your Wish List

We like to start with the basic facts of what you’re looking for in a home. This is why we give all of our clients a “wish list” that goes through simple preferences like how many bedrooms you want, if you want a fireplace, what neighborhoods you like, etc. This is raw data that we can then use to help us hone in on our search for the right listings in Houston for you to look at.

Homeshowing Checklist

Once we’ve found you a number of options, you get to go see them in person. That’s the fun part! To help, we’ll equip you with a checklist for your home showing to work through. This will give you place to jot down your thoughts and get your opinions in place. Afterwards, this enables us pull back and see how each property compared and how you felt at the time, thus making it easier to pinpoint which listing you want to make an offer on.

Moving Checklist

And now we’ve found the perfect Houston home for you and they accepted the offer! Congrats! Now you get…to move. We know that moving isn’t necessary the fun part, so to help you spend less mental energy on it we’ve created a helpful moving checklist. We don’t want you to forget to cancel your utilities at your old place, or forget to update your new address, or forget to…you get the idea. There’s so much to keep in mind, so we’ve made it easy to go through and pick them off one-by-one.

Breakdown of Seller/Buyer Responsibilities

Hold on. We’re not entirely done here just yet. Sometimes in the transition, it can be easy to lose track of what’s expected of you and the home’s original owners. Our table breakdown of who pays for what in the closing process will keep things operating smoothly. Is it your job to pay for the lender’s title insurance premium? Who pays the escrow fee? The seller pays for notary fees, right? The answers to these questions may not have been obvious to you before, but our checklist will change that.

There’s certainly more that goes into the buying process that isn’t covered here, but this gives you the basic meat and potatoes of everything. With more than 60 years of combined licensed experience servicing Houston and the surrounding areas, CB Realty has been able to fine-tune the process of buying your next home almost down to a science. Let us put that experience to work for you.

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